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TEoTWaWKI Alert: Plague in China

The Washington Post reports Town in China Closed Off After 3 Die of Pneumonic Plague. You know the drill:

  • Clean your house from top to bottom and clear out any brush in the immediate area.
  • Be leery rodents. Ideally, since you've cleaned up, you'll have none around. If you encounter one, make sure you're protected from fleas before you move in for the kill.
  • Bug bombs, lots of them.
  • Report any symptoms to the local health authorities. Just as with Solanum infection, think of the greater need.

Stay healthy!

2 thoughts on “TEoTWaWKI Alert: Plague in China

  1. Damian Steele

    Lots of bug bombs, maybe. But not at the same time. Remember all those tales of people blowing up their houses by setting off lots of bog bombs and then a spark ruining their claim free insurance record?

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