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What Is TEotWaWKI?

Bill Drinkmore
Bill Drinkmore
[tay-oh-TWAH-kee] The End of the World as We Know It

The TEotWaWKI Diary is a place to review books and movies — current fiction, non-fiction, and reference material as well as that written pre-SHTF — that purport to offer tips and tricks for survival in this new world. I’ll also provide some strategies of my own, as well as observations about how things are different (or the same) now as compared to pre-SHTF life.

Rumors that this blog is ghostwritten by Bill Lenoir are scurrilous lies. That n00b wouldn't last 5 minutes in a world populated by zombies.

For the record, I am Zacharias William Drinkmore. Pre-SHTF, my friends called me Zach. However, that became a dangerous name, one that nearly cost my life on several occasions when someone greeted me with, “Hey, there’s Zach!” I’m not sentimental for the old days, so I quickly took to being called Bill. Some still call me Colonel since I mustered out of 3rd Virginia Volunteer Armored Cavalry as a Lt. Colonel, but they tend to be former comrades.