End of the World Lexicon

[tay-oh-TWAH-kee] The End of the World as We Know It
A zombie that is no longer able to use its legs, but is still able to move and attack using its arms and head.
Point of No Return
The threshold in a catastrophe beyond which it is no longer possible to return to Life as We Knew It.
Post-SHTF Picky Eater
Someone who won't eat human meat.
Primary Enticement Mechanism (PEM)
The process used to lure the undead into a kill zone through loud sound, usually music. Most people have their own PEM playlist even today, if only to psyche them up for a sporting event or exercise.
Romero-ite / Brooksian POV
A world where a virus causes the dead to rise, those zombies act by instinct only, are slow-moving, and can only be killed by destroying the brain. Inspired by the work of George A. Romero and Max Brooks.
A virus that is 100% fatal and, sometime after death, will turn the patient into a zombie.
The shit has hit the fan. Everyone is now caught up in the catastrophe.
The event that will end Life as We Know It. Could be the president pushing the button, the first infection in China or even an assassin’s bullet in a disputed region of the Habsburg Empire.
A zombie that has been damaged to the point that it no longer seeks prey. While it is technically not "dead" — it will convulse until it has been dispatched by fate or a better-aimed blow to the head — it is still able to infect any idiot stupid enough to come within range of its clenching jaws.
A fully functioning zombie.
Zach, Zed
See Zombie
Zed Dog
A sub-type of working dog within the Hound category. They specialize in tracking zombies by scent and alerting humans to their presence. All kinds of breeds may act as a Zed Dog, but some smaller, less aggressive breeds may be paired with a larger dog that is able to provide back-up muscle should the Zed Dog get into trouble.
A formerly living creature that has come back from the dead with a ravenous appetite for living flesh. They can only be killed by destroying the brain. A bite from a zombie will infect the victim with Solanum, which will eventually lead to the victim's death and reanimation as a zombie.