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What I’m Looking for in a TEotWaWKI Story

NOTE: I have ditched this process all together. See Reconsidering Reviews at the TEotWaWKI Diary for more information.

I shall be reviewing TEotWaWKI stories, both video and written word, using the following scale:

  • 5 Stars: This is a must see. I will gladly read or watch this story multiple times. There is much to learn from it.
  • 4 Stars: This was good. You should see it at least once. There was nothing glaringly wrong with it.
  • 3 Stars: It wasn't a complete waste of time, but there were a few things wrong with the story that keep it from being a hit.
  • 2 Stars: This was a bad story, even though I did see or read it all. There was too much wrong with it to be of much use or, worse, to steer you wrong in the event of an emergency.
  • 1 Star: I couldn't even finish this story. Avoid at all costs.

What am I looking for? For non-fiction works, I need to feel like the author or director speaks from experience. For works of fiction, I don't mind if the story strays from fact, but I do need to be able to suspend my disbelief. If I can see myself in the story or, even better, actively imagine myself playing out various scenarios in the world created by the story, then I have truly enjoyed the work.

I will flag spoilers and keep them below the "More..." links within my reviews. I do want to attempt to map out each within the timeline that I have set forth previously.

For more information, please consult these posts: