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Man vs. Wild, starring Bear Grylls
Man vs. Wild, starring Bear Grylls

Starring Bear Grylls

This show should be required watching, period. Granted, none of his shows focus on the undead since this was recorded pre-SHTF, but that shouldn't stop you. The host is a hard-core dude who will eat anything, scale sheer cliffs and self-administer enemas. You don't argue with that kind of crazy.

Crazy like a fox, though. You would do well to listen to the man. Mr. Grylls teaches you what you need to know in order to survive in extreme situations. His approach is simple, focusing on the basics:

  1. Water: This would seem to be a no brainer, but back when potable water was ubiquitous, folks who suddenly didn't have ready access to a plastic bottles of water were at a loss. You need to know where to find it, how to decontaminate it and how much your body truly needs. Basic, yes, but absolutely life saving.
  2. Food: Ditto for food, but the emphasis here is getting over the icky factor. I've written about picky eaters before and want to re-emphasize some of the points I made. Eating is first and foremost about fueling your body. Everything else about a meal is a luxury. Bear shows you various sources of protein that will help you in the short term. Master that gag reflex and eat some bugs!
  3. Shelter: A mistake many folks made was waiting too long in the day to seek out shelter. You cannot do that as the sun is going down. I realize that many folks were in a hurry to get back home to their loved ones, but it was death to be caught out at night. Bear teaches you when and where to look, which applies even in a world overrun by zombies, but I would try to elevate my shelter more than he recommends. Another issue to consider that wasn't taken up by Bear is escape routes. You may be out of reach of grasping hand when you're up that tree, but you'll surely starve to death.
  4. Rescue: This is where Mr. Grylls' usefulness ends. There is no rescue in a world ruled by the undead. Even uninfected humans are a danger, indeed your greatest threat. This speaks to your ability to pace yourself. Patience is the key.

There are 5 seasons' worth of episodes, but you do not need to watch them all. At minimum, find those shows which match your local conditions. However, don't limit yourself since you never know where you might one day find yourself. I would watch at least one of each of these type:

  • Desert
  • Mountain
  • Arctic / Winter Conditions
  • Jungle / Swamp
  • Ocean / Desert Island

Bear Grylls is a man I want on my team, though probably not as chef.